We Do Great Work And Make Art. And We Need Your Support.

In America, less than a quarter of adults with disabilities are employed. And most of them are stuffing envelopes, pushing brooms or cutting grass. Many are making a minimum or sub-minimum wage. At NIAD Art Center we do a lot for adults with disabilities. And there is nothing redundant or menial around here.

Based in what used to be Richmond’s auto row for more than three decades, NIAD is a non-profit studio art project that helps nearly 70 artists every week create art and launch a career in the contemporary art world. We lend them a hand, so they direct their own work and their own walk of life.

Although we sell a lot of art (last year, we sold 1,400+ works), arts sales are only a small part of our income. To keep our doors open, the lights on, and the paint in our artists’ pots, we depend on support from people like you. Your money helps an adult with a disability participate in a productive way in the larger world.

Please, give what you can and know we will appreciate whatever amount you can afford. Thanks, in advance!

Interested in other ways to give to NIAD, have you considered planned giving? Well, we have lots of information for you to consider over here.