NIAD Gallery Exhibition // “WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Sneak Preview” organized by NIAD’s Exhibitions Team

About the exhibition

More than fifty NIAD artists are featured in the WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction, currently open for bidding until the day of the live event. The Sneak Preview Exhibition is a salon-style installation that includes each and every piece of art included in the Silent Auction, hung closely together in a way that encourages conversations and highlights correspondences between each piece.

The work in the exhibition represents the incredible breadth of art practices that NIAD artists maintain every day in the 23rd Street Studios. NIAD truly contains multitudes!

NIAD’s Executive Director Amanda Eicher will be in the NIAD galleries on Saturday to talk about these works, perhaps with the help of the artists themselves, as she takes zoom viewers on a stroll through the Sneak Preview exhibition.


WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Sneak Preview Exhibition Walkthrough

3:00 to 4:00pm

Silent Auction artists include Luis Estrada, Hacer Acma, Peter Harris, Karen May, Saul Alegria, Jeremy Burleson, Joseph Rux, Shantae Robinson, Shana Harper, Miguel Chacon, Jean McElvane, Jason Powell-Smith, Esmeralda Silva, Ann Meade, Matthew Wilson, Sylvia Fragoso, Danny Thach, Mireya Betances, Samantha Kershnar, Julio Del Rio, Arista Dawson, Heather Hamann, Raven Harper, Deatra Colbert, Felicia Griffin, Carlota Rodriguez, Eddie Braught, Maria Radilla, Susan Wise, Christian Vassell, Dorian Reid, Donzell Lewis, Alan Perez, Alice Sampson, Michael Nuñez, Louie Spagnola, Jonathan Valdivias, Serena Scott, Tre’Von Silva, Shirley How, Jesus Salas, Juliet MacDonald, Rebecca Jantzen, Jonathan Velazquez, Alycia Cowen, Sara Malpass, Angela Campbell, Lisa Blevens, Luis Estrada, Erika Martinez, Dre’An Cox, and Danny Thach.